Pricing Questions

  1. How Do You Set Your Rates?

    This is one of the most discussed issues among DJs in the industry.  First, I must explain that when you hire a DJ, he does not just work the 4 hours he was booked.  Many hours are required to build the play list, acquire new music or requests, and run a business.  For a typical 4 hour show, the DJ may actually work 8-12 hours, and if its a wedding, can be more than 16 hours of preparation. 

    Equipment cost is another aspect to the DJ's rates.  Speakers, amplifiers, cables, lights, poles, tables, and more factor into the overhead a DJ must account in his rates in order for his business to make a profit. 

    Currently, Circle Of Life Productions Entertainment brings $3,200 worth of audio equipment, $2,000 worth of lights, and over $10,000 worth of music to each show.

  2. What Are Your Prices?

    Please visit our Events page or Contact Us for more information about prices and special discounts.

  3. What Payment Menthods Do You Accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, which can be processed on-site,  or over the phone.  We also accept checks and cash.

    A reciept will be given with each metthod you choose.

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Equipment Questions

  1. Does Your Company Use/Have Wireless Microphones

    Yes. We use only wireless microphones. They afford us the luxury of being able to go out on the dance floor and interact with family and friends throughout the night.


  2. Do your DJs carry back-up equipment?

    Yes. In the event that something goes wrong with a CD player or an amp, our DJs have back-up systems in place so that music interruption is at a minimum.


  3. What type of equipment do you use?

    We carry only the best in digital audio for your event! Take a look at some of the vendors we use for our equipment. We use products from QSC, Crown, Denon, Shure, Technics, Yamaha, Bose and RCF Audio, We use PC and Mac computers. We have DMX Intelligent lighting and laser light shows available. We also offer big screens, projectors, and PA rentals.



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General Questions

  1. Can We Talk To The Actual DJ Before The Even?

    Yes, and amazingly, all of our DJs' abilities and skills are virtually identical. No matter which DJ is assigned to your affair, you can be satisfied in knowing that they'll be the professional and quality entertainer you expect. Typically, our DJs are assigned at random approximately one month before your event, unless specifically requested.


  2. What Makes Circle Of Life Productions Worth The Investment?

    Circle Of Life Productions prides itself in making each affair unique and memorable, the quality of service and years of experience will have your guests wanting more.


  3. Are Your DJ's Interactive?

    Absolutely! Uncle Joe having a little trouble getting the Electric Slide just right? No problem! We're out there to help him along. From the Twist to the new Cha-Cha Slide, you can be assured that we won't just stand behind our gear and let your guests figure it out on their own. We're dancing out there right along with them.


  4. Is music selection an option at our event?

    Yes. You have the option of requesting songs that you'd like to have played. We will supply you with a request sheet, but keep in mind that as professionals with over 15 years experience, we will do everything we can to ensure your guests are dancing and having a good time.

  5. Can we request a "do not play" list?

    If the chicken dance is something you don't want played at your affair, then we won't play it. It's that simple.


  6. Do your DJs take breaks throughout the event?

    From the time your guests begin entering the room, right through to the last dance, our professional entertainers will continue to play music. The music is non-stop from beginning to end.


  7. Does your company carry insurance?

    Yes. All of our DJs are insured for both your protection and theirs.



  8. Do you take requests?

    Absolutely! We encourage requests. Not only prior to the event but also during. We will play to your crowd demographics and also work in your music selections during the appropriate times to keep your dance floor filled and guests happy!


  9. Can I bring my own music?

    Most likely we will have your music selection in our 60,000 song database, however you are more than welcome to bring your own music.



  10. Do you charge for set up or breakdown?

    There is never a set-up or breakdown charge, this is on our own time. We arrive at your event approximately 90 minutes early to set up, test our sound system and are ready to introduce ourselves to your guests as they arrive.


  11. What type of interaction do you have with guests?

    We can perform with a laid-back style, or we can be as interactive as you'd like. There are no game show DJs among us!


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